One of a kind watermelon tourmaline ring | #131


So juicy, electric and unique - this watermelon tourmaline ring will leave her breathless. A hard to find combination of scissor cut, high lustre and beautiful colour zoning makes the central gemstone truly unique. To emphasise the presence of bluish-green hint we added green sapphires as accents among with pink sapphires. 

Romantic yet modern this solid gold ring could become as an alternative engagement ring or statement jewelry piece for any occasion. 

Watermelon tourmaline engagement ring:


  • central gemstone: bi-colour natural tourmaline, scissor cut, VS clarity, 0.55 ct, 10.2x3mm
  • accents: natural sapphires, pink and green colours, unheated, ~0.22 ct
  • we can set natural diamonds as accents too, feel free to request customisation

Metal details

We use only solid, recycled fair trade gold. Shown in rose gold this ring can be remade in yellow or white gold too. 14K or 18K by your choice.


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