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The name DEVIA comes from latin dēvius which means 'off the road'. You have to be courageous enough to take unexpected path. So we did. 


Our journey started with quitting office jobs for studying metal sculpture. Later we came to creating nature inspired engagement rings and our Eden Garden jewelry brand gained popularity and admiration among many couples worldwide. 

During these years we experienced an evolution of growing ourselves from traditional goldsmiths to contemporary artists skilfully mixing ancient techniques with modern technologies.


Being successful jewelry designers and manufacturers during many years we don't want to forget about this tradition - wandering around the world off the beaten paths. So our new brand has born.  

DEVIA Jewelry is for a very special woman, for a person with strong character and exquisite taste.

She's well educated, loves art (or is an artist by herself), her style is elegant and timeless. If the wedding is planned she opts for a more unconventional approach and becomes an alternative bride. 

Our minimalist, architecturally balanced engagement rings are mostly inspired by Art Deco style or are smartly build around the unique shapes of rare natural gemstones. Here you will find statement one-of-a-kind gold rings, as well as simple bands and elegant earrings to complete your look.  

We're proud to offer outstanding craftsmanship thanks to heritage professionals, who carry their knowledge and techniques through generations.

 Found by a married couple DEVIA brand offers jewelry with a conscience, striving to spread the result of responsible human and nature interaction. In all aspects of their work Tania and Oleg Manerovs follows the ethical principles and create every piece with emotional value attached.

We believe that each ring we create reproduces the alchemy and energy that bring people together in the most timeless way.


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