Chevron ring with diamonds | #124-2


Carefully handcrafted DEVIA chevron ring with natural or lab diamonds (you choose) can be worn on its own or as a stacking wedding band with an engagement ring. V-shaped gold ring symbolises love and protection, but adorned with diamonds it has an additional belief bringing a long-lasting luck and happiness.

Wear it as a minimalist engagement ring or pair with our unusual alexandrite & diamonds engagement ring or unique orange sapphire & diamonds ring.

Gold chevron wedding band details:

Diamonds: choose in options

  • natural, conflict-free, H colour, SI clarity, 0.2 ct total
  • lab grown diamonds: VS clarity, G colour, 0.2 ct total. Sustainable option, the same look and characteristics as natural diamonds.


We use only solid, recycled fair trade gold. Showed in yellow gold this wedding ring can be remade in white or yellow gold too. 14K or 18K by your choice.

How to wear chevron rings?

Wishbone or Chevron rings are perfect as a minimalist wedding bands, but could be also paired with engagement rings, creating a unique bridal ring set. V-shaped rings have been used as a protection symbol for thousands of years. There's also a meaning of how a chevron ring is worn. When pointed downward it symbolises Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. If you wear it upwards it will be associated with Mars, the god of war, and bring you a protection. 


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