Colour changing bridal ring set with alexandrites and diamonds | #124


Contemporary, stylish, trendy and magical - that's all about our handcrafted engagement ring. Featuring a cross composition it has a diamond centre with colour changing alexandrite 'wings'. Modern shaped gemstones create a gothic reminiscent look showing a true magic. Lab alexandrites will change the colour under a different lighting - it is teal during the day and shows deep purple hue by night.

Paired with chevron wedding band. You can buy just an engagement ring separately too. 

Stacking wedding ring set for alternative bride:


  • alexandrites: lab created, colour changing, kite shape cut, 8x4 mm. Lab alexandrite hardness: 8.5 by Moh's scale.
  • diamonds: choose in options
    • natural, conflict-free, H colour, SI clarity, trillion and round cut, around 0.59 ct total
    • lab grown diamonds: VS clarity, G colour, 0.59 ct total. Sustainable option, the same look and characteristics as natural diamonds.

Metal details

We use only solid, recycled fair trade gold. Showed in white gold this ring can be remade in rose or yellow gold too. 14K or 18K by your choice.

Is alexandrite good for an engagement ring?

5 reasons to choose lab alexandrite for your ring:

  1. It is high resistant and very durable (8.5 of 10 hardness by Moh’s scale)
  2. It looks unique and mystical thanks to a colour changing properties: from peacock blue by day to reddish purple under incandescent or candlelight
  3. Lab created alexandrite is environmentally friendly choice and perfect for ethical engagement ring
  4. Wallet friendly: these are affordable even for one-of-a-kind engagement rings, while natural top-quality alexandrite is more expensive than a diamond (up to $15K / carat for smaller stones to $50K - $70K for stones bigger than a carat)
  5. Lab created stones have a clean look without any inclusions which is extremely hard to get in natural alexandrite. 

Our many years experience and customers’ feedbacks say that lab alexandrite is a great choice for a unique and timeless engagement ring. If you still have questions, read our full article about this unusual gemstone.


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